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Hey what's up, guys! I have always been fascinated with politics and current events. I've also been interested in what people may call "conspiracy theories," but I became more involved after being asked to be the Admin one of the largest Q groups on Facebook. I was also being followed by General Michael Flynn on Twitter before they banned my accounts.


After serving as an Alderman for two years, I learned a lot on how the government works (and doesn't work), and vowed to bring truth to people beyond what the mainstream media was trying to portray.


After numerous TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts being taken down to silence the truth, I decided to create a direct channel to you. I treat every account taken down as a badge of honor, and refuse to allow Big Tech to silence conservative views and perspectives. 


I've been married to my best friend. Melissa, for 10+ years and love my life with her and our 4 fur babies. She makes me the man that I am. I work 60 hours a week at a factory while constantly seeking the truth to bring to you.


My goal of this website is to bring political, social, and spiritual truth to you. You're my 117% family, and I feel like I owe it to every single one of you to bring the best intel and perspectives that I can. We all must play our part through these crazy times and I feel this is my part. 

My hobbies include coffee, bourbon, cigars, playing guitar, and leading worship at the church we attend. And I wouldn't trade my life for anything.



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