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Hey, Ya'll!  As many of you know me, I'm Brian's wife, Melissa!  

We have been married for 10+ years and have 4 beautiful fur babies, Max, Molly, Bailey and Happy.  Check out our "Fur-Babies" page to check them out!

When I'm not doing research with Brian or doing podcasts, I'm a full-time Nanny and work out of our home.  I'm completely addicted to reality tv and cooking shows.  I enjoy cooking, working in the yard, coloring, interior decorating and enjoying time by the pool.  
I am a true Wisconsin girl and love my beer and cheese!


Brian and I aspire to have a family of our own, but in the meantime we just love the free time and spending time together doing the things we love: shopping, spending time together on the patio and hot tubbing.  

Thanks so much for your endless support on our journey with you!

P.S.  Here is the link of where I get all of my cute prescription eyeglasses from:

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